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Interior Design Graduation Project Evaluated by External Jury

Tuesday, Jun 06, 2017

The framework of Ajman University policy is to break the barrier between the academic studies, the labor market and the specialized professional institutions. Based on that the Department of Interior Design at the College of Engineering in Ajman University invited specialists in interior design to evaluate graduation projects of the students. Mr. Alfred Tahmasian, and Dr. Dolly Daou are the executive director of the Association of Professional Interior Design (APID) in UAE.

Dr. Daou, has many international researches in Interior Design and heads many international positions for interior design firms; most notably she is a member of the Accreditation Committee for Interior Design Programs for different countries. The juries of evaluation for the Graduation projects last for more than six hours. The committee reviewed the projects in positive and practical approaches. The committee admired the high level of the student projects and the professional presentations and encouraged the students to express their creative talents as professionally as they can. Their work should reflect their expression and determination to be unique.