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Annual Advisory Board Meeting of the Interior Design Department

Saturday, Oct 07, 2017

The annual advisory board meeting of the Interior Design Department at the College of Engineering was recently held on campus. This board provides a proactive forum for professionals and experts in the field of interior design to give their opinion on the program and its’ components. The members represent public and private organizations; they discussed the program and avenues of breaking the barrier between the academia and industry.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Fahar Hayati, Dean, College of Engineering, Dr. Mohsen El Fadl, Head of the Interior Design Department, Mrs. Farida Al Awadhi, President of the Association of Professional Interior Design Department (APID) ; Dr. Dolly Doau, Director of APID; Engineer Alaa Okash, Owner of AL Yarmook Décor and AU Alumni Mrs. Arna Vasil.