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Having read an M’phil in Conservation of Muslim Historic Buildings and Cities from the Civic Design of Liverpool University, Dr. Rabah Saoud went on to complete a PhD on the Morphology of Muslim Cities at the University of Manchester, where he also lectured on urban conservation and continue to hold the post of research fellow until year 1999.

Later, he joined the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) where he was able to expand the scope of his research into the history of Muslim Architecture and Civilisation and its scientific and technological contributions.

Dr. Saoud has more than 60 articles published mostly in UK. In 2005 he was a leading consultant in the world’s biggest themed mall project, Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, Dubai 2005. In 2006, he was involved in the construction of the first touring exhibition on Muslim Heritage, entitled Muslim Heritage in Our World. On the same occasion he co-edited, with two other colleagues, a book entitled “Muslim Heritage in Our Wold”, which became a best seller in the subject.

Dr. Saoud joined the University of Ajman in August 2008 where he is an Assistant Professor.

1. Senior Consultant for Muslim Heritage 1001 Inventions Global Exhibition touring 25 countries (2004-2010), Muslim Heritage Consulting. So fare the exhibition visited the following cities; Manchester, Cardiff, London, Kuala Lumpur, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Dubai, Sharjah, Jeddah, Washington and New York.
2.Senior Consultant for Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, Dubai (2005-2006).
3. Head of the Department of Islamic Art, Architecture, and Town Planning, at the Foundation of Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC), Manchester, UK
4.Member of the editorial board, medinanet.org, from 2009 till present.
5. Member of the editorial board, Lonaard Magazine, London, UK, from 2010 till present
6. Academic reviewer and Scientific member of the Foundation for Science and technology (FSTC) from 2000 till present.
7. Academic reviewer for muslimheritage.com, formed part of a team of editors of this important journal, from 2002 till present.

Major research interest include Islamic Heritage and Architecture, Urban Morphology and Conservation

More recently research interest focused more on the contribution of Muslims to architecture and urban design

- Fostering City Development Through Capital of Islamic Culture Event Strategies, Ajman Seventh International Conference for Urban Planning AIUPC7, ""Planning for Event Cities"", 2-4 March 2015, Ajman - United Arab Emirates.

- الشارقة عاصمة الثقافة الإسلامية 2014، تدعيم التنمية والثقافية التراثية,
fourth international architectural conservation conference 14-16 February 2016, Dubai- United Arab Emirates‏