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Sahar N. Sulaiman

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* PhD in Architecture from University of Bath, UK, 1985
* MSc and BSc Architecture from Baghdad University, 1979, 1976.
* Senior Researcher in Iraqi Research Establishment 1985-89
* Senior Partner and Technical chief of “CBuilding” Contracting Company, Iraq 199-2006 .
* Managing Director, partner and designer in “Bureau of Contemporary Design”, BCD, Iraq, 1989-2006.
* Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, Ajman University of Technology
* Professor of Architecture in Ajman University since 2015.

Practicing architect. Designed over 250 buildings in Iraq, Jordan, Libya, UAE and Kazakhistan

* Research interest; Reduction of Energy loads, Sustainability and University planning and Design
* Current research on reducing energy loads using evaporative cooling in the Gulf and the Middle East. A comparative analysis
* Installing thermal insulation in existing buildings. Research funded by Dubai Municipality

Recent Published research includes:
* Aesthetic measurements in architecture
* Reduction of building waste in Baghdad Iraq
* Roof pond cooling of buildings in hot arid climates
* Evaluation of Basement’s Thermal Performance in Iraq for Summer Use
* Analysis of virtual house to evaluate new low energy cooling and heating systems
* Reducing the Cooling Load by Evaporative Cooling of the Roof, pp. 235-255
* Upgrading the Building Envelope to Reduce Cooling Loads
* Insulation of existing buildings in Dubai
* Utilizing computer graphic techniques to improve architectural creativity