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Bouzid Boudiaf

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Graduated in architecture from the Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme d’Alger in 1984 with first class honors. . He has a degree of master of science in urban - design from Heriot watt University and a Ph.D in Architectural Design from the University of Wolverhampton. He was the course director at the E.P.A.U. In 1996. He published more than forty papers and chapters’ books dealing particularly with architectural training, housing, and heritage and urban - design. In 2005, he joined Ajman University as an Assistant Professor . He is also a member of editing board of some architectural magazines. He published many books and his last book is: Towards a responsive environment

Course Director at the EPAU for six years, Associate Researcher from 1998 to 2008, Lecturing for 30 years, Responsible for the urban development of some districts in Algiers

The impact of tourism on Heritage Conservation.

The root of the problem: The bad, the ugly and the good urban spaces and their repercussions on the human behaviors. In City & Security, 6th Ajman Urban Planning Conference, 11th to 14th March 2013, AJMAN, U.A.E. (ISBN: 978-0-956374)

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