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The New Trend of Architecture in Ajman

When: Sunday, March 25, 2012 09:00 AM
Where: Sheikh Zayed Hall at Ajman Campus


The Architecture Engineering Department and Ajman Municipality will organize
an International conference during the month of March 2012. The focus of the
conference is on The New Trend of Architecture in Ajman which will cover several
topics that are relevant to this issue such as:

  • The new urban design development in Ajman
  • Architecture Heritage in Ajman
  • The water front layout and its impact in Ajman

The main goal of such a conference is to discuss these issues and give
recommendations and guidelines for the future of Ajman as a city.
There will be participants from International architects and planners from
professional and academic backgrounds. In addition participation from local
universities in the emirates, and other universities in Gulf Cooperation Countries
(GCC), will make an important contribution for their vision for the City of Ajman.

Contact: Dr. Mohammed Arar
Email :