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When: Saturday, May 12, 2012 09:00 AM
Where: Sheikh Zayed Hall at Ajman Campus

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) is the largest professional
body of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering. It is based in USA but
has representative sections all over the world. The official representative office
of IEEE in UAE is called IEEE UAE Section. One of the major events of IEEE UAE
Section is organizing the annual IEEE UAE Student Day. The first event of this kind
was held in 2006 in American University of Sharjah and the latest (6th) event was
held in 2011 in Khalifa University. AUST has been selected to host the 7th IEEE
UAE Student Day in 2012. Besides AUST, other participating institutions include
AUD, AUS, KUSTAR, Petroleum Institute, Manipal University, HCTs, BITS (Dubai),
UAE University, and University of Sharjah.

On the IEEE UAE Student Day, teams of talented students from all participating
institutions compete in five major projects, namely: Engineering Design Project,
Common Design Project, Senior Design Project, Software Engineering Project,
and Community Service Project. These competitions are highly challenging and
large numbers of Electrical and Computer Engineering students from all over the
UAE participate in these prestigious competitions. The winning teams in each
category are awarded with generous prizes and certificates.

Contact: Prof. Mustahsan Mir
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