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Sustainable Era in Interior Design

When: Monday, February 20, 2012 09:00 AM
Where: Sheikh Zayed Hall at Ajman Campus


Based on the recommendations made by the United Nations sustainability is an issue
of vital importance that has to be considered by nations. Specialists have pinpointed at
certain crucial area as being of critical importance in sustaining life on this planet. One
issue is the need to have a healthy living environment that provides mankind with comfort
and security without harming nature.

Interior Design profession is directly linked to this issue. It is the responsibility of the
interior designer to provide the desired living environment by using appropriate interior
designs, interior design products and materials without having a negative impact on the
environment. Sustainable interior design requires the interior designer to think sustainable
from the point of forming design concept, to design implementation, choice of materials
and products, materials production, product use, product maintenance and to the end
point of retirement.

The Department of Interior Design at Ajman University of Science & Technology will be
holding this forum, titled “Sustainable Era in Interior Design” to highlight the importance
of sustainability in the Interior Design profession. International figures and scholars in
interior design will be invited to participate and contribute to the subject by throwing light
on the role of interior designers in the new era and the need to reshape the profession and
the interior design educational programs.

Contact: Dr. Mohsen Elfadl
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