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Architecture is the science and art of shaping the built environment and establishing habitable and enjoyable communities. The architectural engineering program is a five-year course designed to equip students with a sound knowledge and understanding of building design, landscape design, structure, construction, history of architecture, heritage conservation as well as many other related subjects.

Program Goals

The main goals of the architectural engineering curriculum are to provide its students with:

1. Demonstrate basic philosophy and ideology of architecture.
2. Coordinate environmental studies in design proposals.
3. Comprehend and apply and the knowledge of social and cultural studies in design proposals.
4. Comprehend and apply the knowledge of science, mathematics, and technology.
5. Comprehend and apply the knowledge of architectural practice and management.
6. Conceptualize, conceive and coordinated design in the realm of contemporary issues and challenges of built environment.
7. Communicate, demonstrate and implement the architectural solutions clearly.
8. Propose the architectural design in the context of modern technology and engineering.
9. Design and evaluate the architectural design solutions through computers.
10. Analyze the design critically and foresee its consequences at the occupational stage.
11. Apply the problem-solving approach in conducting experiments, analyzing and interpreting data in proposed architectural design.
12. Work independently as well as in teams across technical or professional activities.
13. Team with multidisciplinary professions engaged in building design and construction process.
14. Identify, formulate and solve design management problems.
15. Comprehend and apply the professional and ethical responsibilities in architectural practice.
16. Identify and adopt the market trends to compete in the professional market.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum, graduates are qualified for employment in a variety of areas. They can work, for example, as designers and construction managers, or join city planning or community agencies and governmental authorities. Alternatively, they can become building contractors. As graduates are trained in problem-solving, they are able to adapt to a range of jobs in both the public and the private sector.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Admission to the Architectural Engineering program requires a UAE secondary school certificate (science major), or its equivalent, with a minimum acceptable grade of 70 percent. For more information, please refer to the university admissions policy.

Graduation Requirements
The Bachelor of Science in Architectural engineering is awarded upon fulfillment of the following:
1. Successful completion of all courses in the prescribed curriculum
2. Successful completion of four months’ engineering training
3. The Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA is at least 2.0.

Degree Requirement
The B.Sc. degree in Architectural Engineering requires the completion of 170 Cr. Hrs. circulated according to the following plan:
Type of Courses Credit hours
1. University General Education Requirements
(a) University Required Courses 15
(b) University Elective Courses 9
2. College Required courses 9
4. Specialization required courses 118
4. Specialization Elective courses 9
5 Graduation projects I & II 10
Total Credit Hours 170

For further information, please refer to the university admissions policy as given in University Catalog.

Architectural Engineering

Name Ext Email Designation
Jihad A.A. Awad 6718 Head of department
Abdulwahab Ahmed Tariq Al Osaj Architecture Engineering Teaching Assistant
Alessandro Cece 067056371 Assistant Professor
Ayat Gamaleldin AbdelsalamElkhazindar Architecture Engineering Teaching Assistant
Bassim M. Saleh 6713 Assistant Professor
Bouzid Boudiaf 6715 Assistant Professor
Saher Najjeb Sulaiman Kharrufa 6717 Professor
Mohammad Shihadeh A. Arar 6707 Associate Professor
Gergely Tibor Csikvari Lecturer
Mahmoud Zakria Shafik Altemmamy 6190 Lecturer
Mohamad Ghanem Rabah 6106 Architecture Engineering Teaching Assistant
Muna Mahmoud Yousef Salameh 6716 Lecturer
Nashwa Shiqwarah Lecturer
Noor Salem Abdrabboh Salem Alyafie Architecture Engineering Teaching Assistant
Rabah Saoud 6719 Assistant Professor
Raghad Nawaf Mourad 6453 Lecturer
SAHAR F. MAKKY 6730 Lecturer
Firas Salim Noori 6129 Lecturer
Chul oh Chung 6015 Associate Professor
Afaq Hyder Chohan 6385 Associate Professor