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Welcome to the College of Engineering

Since its inception in 1988, the College of Engineering at Ajman University has sought to provide the community with competent engineers who can have an impact in their workplace.  We have continuously updated our programs, developed our resources and renovated our teaching/learning processes to enable our students to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills with which they face real-world challenges. Moreover, as graduates, we expect them to be proactive and innovative in predicting and providing answers to future needs of the market. Our graduates have lived up to our expectations and have proven their professional competence in all activities related to their programs. There were those who opted for graduate studies and did extremely well at both local and international institutions. None of this would have been possible without committed students with supportive parents, quality programs meeting international standards, dedicated faculty, excellent resources and a healthy learning environment.


A major factor contributing to our successes is the opportunity we provide and the encouragement we offer to our students in engaging in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, locally and internationally. The College has maintained the practice of engaging students in workshops, conferences, competitions with emphasize on community and market-related issues of concern.   We are proud to have had our students excelling and outperforming others on numerous occasions locally and regionally.


As part of its next five-year strategic plan, the College has launched a new M.Sc. graduate program in Urban Design, an undergraduate B.Sc. program in Building Engineering and Construction Management and developed a new concentration in Electrical Engineering focusing on Electrical Power and Renewable Energy.


The focus of the College over the years has been on undergraduate studies. Major steps have now been taken to put more into research. The College has defined areas of research most pressing in the coming years, evolving around smart systems with its applications in biomedical engineering, energy, built environment and sustainability. We plan to enhance our research by the introducing new multidisciplinary graduate programs within the next five years.


I know how big the challenges ahead are. I look to the future with great confidence and sense of optimism and anticipation and see the College of Engineering achieve its goals. We can do that with our dedicated faculty and staff, our responsible student body and with the support of our alumni, friends and all stakeholders. We look forward to joining hands and forming a partnership with local and international entities to work together for the benefit of our communities and humanity.